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PHYSIOGNOMY The Art of Reading People – Quyen Quang Tran

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PHYSIOGNOMY: The Art of Reading People
Author: Quyen Quang Tran

Paperback: 580 pages
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (October 20, 2016)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1537570935
ISBN-13: 978-1537570938

Mô tả

Are your first impressions of others often wrong? Do you wish you could be luckier in love?

Physiognomy, or the art of reading a person’s features, is commonly used in Asian cultures to help people plan for success and steer clear of heartache and frustration. It is also considered enormously helpful when choosing friends, business partners, and romantic interests.

Physiognomy can be used not only to discern a person’s character and personality, but also to glimpse his or her fate. For example, by reading a special feature on a person, skilled physiognomists can predict whether this person will have a long life, marital happiness, good health, or fame.

With the help of physiognomist Quyen Quang Tran, you can learn to use physiognomy in all walks of life. You can also use it to divine what fate may have in store for you and others: success or failure, sickness or health, marital bliss or conflict, or good or bad fortune.

Author Quyen Quang Tran has practiced physiognomy for over fifty years. Now, in Physiognomy: The Art of Reading People, he presents fundamental concepts and skills to help others learn this life-changing science.

Tran explains the fundamentals of reading the forms on the face and on the body as well as interpreting the voice, color, and countenance of an individual. He includes hundreds of illustrations to help readers identify and read various features on the face and on the body of a person.

A special chapter of the book is for the discussion of dozens of readings conducted by Tran’s mentor, Mr. Ngo Hung Dien. These stories illustrate the practical applications of physiognomy on people in their own lives.

Physiognomy: The Art of Reading People is a thorough guide to the fundamentals. Topics include: • observing and interpreting a person’s physical forms, his/her color, voice, and countenance, • grouping the physiognomic features into sets, and • applying physiognomy to daily life of any individual to contemplate.

The book also includes forty detailed case studies to illustrate the practical uses of physiognomy.

Whether you’re seeking insights into your friends or your fate, Physiognomy will offer you a fresh perspective to live a life that you are looking for.

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